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New website address

I am pleased to announce that the new address of my website is Please update your bookmarks!

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[Twitter] From JKS in Japan

Credits: Suk Baidu Bar Japanese Twitter update: From JKS: I am leaving now. Going to Europe now? Ah, I’m scared. Is the schedule too tight?…. Originally I was supposed to return to Korea tomorrow… 【SUKBAR】日推更新1P: 저이제갑니다 이제 유럽으로 가는건가 아 … Continue reading

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Wrap-up: “You’re my Pet” Ibaraki press conference

Aphrael77’s Note: I would like this article, which gives quite a detailed account of the press conference, to be my last post wrapping up the entire event, so that I don’t continue to blog bits and pieces of news. Also, … Continue reading

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“You’re my Pet” press conference – news, videos & pics

Credits: mihodog @ Youku Some snippets from “You’re my Pet” press conference today Jang Keun Suk said, “To me, standing before the camera as an actor makes me happy more than anything else.” Choi Jong Hoon shared, “Keun Suk and … Continue reading

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“You’re My Pet” Press Conference at Ibaraki Airport (Broadcast by Suk Baidu Bar)

Live Broadcast by Suk Baidu Bar on Sina Admission ticket Four eels from Sukbar have been very lucky to get the tickets to the press conference, which includes free two-way shuttle bus service and a free lunch that looks very … Continue reading

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[27 Feb – News] Korean, Chinese & Japan fans queued overnight for JKS autograph

Asian fans queued overnight at actor Jang Keun Suk’s fan meeting On 24 Feb at 4.30 pm, Jang Keun Suk met 100 fans at Codes Combine shop located in the vicinity of Hong Ik University. For this event, only the … Continue reading

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[Update] Japan Tour Schedule

The dates, time and venue of Jang Keun Suk’s Japan Tour schedule have been released on his Japan website. Credits: Baidusukbar from JKS Japan website ★ 公演会场 及び 开演时间 [9 April] 4/9(土) Nagoya 名古屋: 国际会议场 センチュリーホール Time: 16:00开场/17:00开演予定 [11 April] … Continue reading

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