[24 Feb 2011] Codes Combine Autograph Session

Well, we may not be there at Jang Keun Suk’s 1-hour autograph session in Hongdae, Seoul today, but the electric atmostphere can almost be felt through these lovely pics. The media cameras must have had flashed non-stop, thus providing us with so many pics of JKS from almost every angle and in almost every pose. The media had a fun time, though I almost went crazy uploading 92 pics into WordPress blog…. ugh … an utterly unpleasant and tedious chore that is only alleviated by sweet, sweet JKS gazing at me from every pic… drooling …

As the representative of the clothing line Codes Combine, what JKS wore is naturally of great interest to me. As mentioned before, my fashion sense is really lousy, so don’t quote me anywhere! I won’t admit I said that, haha…. Anyway, I think his attire is quite cool (cos of the black leather vest jacket), youthful (that’s the bright green pants) and at the same time, funky (that strange pic on his back)… haha… How does that sound?

Enjoy the deluge of pics!! And wait patiently for the page to load fully, ha!

For more pics,

Looks stressed ….

Why the surprise on his face? Big crowd?

So cute ….


Sweet smile!

So serious, probably listening to some briefing?

So cute …

Stretching and gearing up for 1 hour of intensive autograph-signing ….

The closest I can get to having his autograph …

Heart-stopping smile ….

Makes me melt ….

Autographing is thirsty work ….

Er… who is he trying to scare off?

Gasp! I love him when he’s being serious …

Gasp!! Another beautiful side view ….

Love his smile …

I want his autograph … and I want him!!! Haha …

So beautiful ….

Oh, what a cute boy ….

Tired, oppa?

Gentle eyes & gentle smile …

Credits as tagged and thanks to hooyeedog @ Sukbar for sharing

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18 Responses to [24 Feb 2011] Codes Combine Autograph Session

  1. Rongling68 says:

    Oh, my goodness, where you get all these pictures? Thank you, these are gorgeous, I don’t care what he wear, I just can’t breath with his smiling eyes looking at me.

  2. M3Lover says:

    Woah! Very handsome :-)! I love his get up it’s funky. Love, love, love the color of his pants it’s apple green.

  3. Sweety says:

    THank you thank you!!! These pics are amazing, I wouldn’t wear the whole outfit but I’d definitely wear the jacket and let’s be honnest, he can wear anything and make it look good lol *sigh*

  4. migrap26 says:

    OMG!! he’s so handsome.. my heart beats so fast… 😀
    I wish I could see him in person…
    thanks for sharing

  5. Nita says:

    thank you ………………….*i’m speachless*

  6. pax says:

    a feast for the eyes! aphrael77, u spoil us again!! 🙂

  7. minabeybe says:

    i just came across this account and I immediately bookmarked it 🙂 Thanks for all the wonderful photos… I’m a new JKS fan and I’m so glad you took time posting this 🙂 Damn, he’s just so gorgeous!! Who wouldn’t fall in love with him?

  8. mushroom says:

    I was just wondering… why does JGS always say : ” Hi Cri”. Can anyone please tell me what does it stands for?

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