Section 2: How to Join JKS Official Fan Club

Please note that after following the instructions guide below and after you have been granted access, another official fanclub website you can access with the same ID and password is:

After you click “Enter”, click on any building and you need to click on “Log In” button found near the top right-hand corner (see screenshot below).

Jang Keun Suk Official Fan Club Registration Instructions
A Guide by LizzyD

There are two options for JKS’s official site: restricted or full access. Restricted access is free and all you have to do is register for an ID and password on his official website. You will be granted access to certain parts of his website, such as the forum and notices sections. You will not be able to see or download things such as personal messages from JKS. Full access to the entire site requires you to become an official member of his fan club.

Section 2: How to Join JKS Official Fan Club

Note: There is no deadline to join his fanclub, but regardless of when you join this year, membership expires on December XX, 2011.

1. You must be a registered member of JKS’s official website. For instructions on how to register, please refer to Section 1: How to Register for JKS’s Official Website.

2. Go to:
Click on Join/Login and then sign in. (NOTE: Site works only with Internet Explorer, NOT Mozilla Firefox.).

3. Once you have logged in, click on the notice link.

4. Click on Notice No. 138. (I blocked off the other notices so they’re not visible)

5. Here are the instructions found in Notice No. 138. This explains how people outside of Korea can join JKS’s official fanclub. You will need the bank wire transfer information to pay the membership fee. Please verify Tree J’s bank account information before you make a wire transfer.

Foreign Membership application

Application form: My ID/ legal name/ cellular phone number/ e-mail/ country/ deposit date
Full Membership Recruiting period: End of December, 2011 (1 year)
Membership fee: 20,000(KRW) (bank transfer fee is at one’s own expense)

Transfer account information:
Receiving Bank:Korea Exchange Bank (외환은행)
Branch Name : Seochonam Branch (서초남지점)
Bank Address : 1443-15,Socho 1-dong, Socho-ku, Seoul, 137-071, Korea
Bank Account no : 630-006990-774
Bank Account name : TreeJ company(트리제이컴퍼니)
Bank Telephone number : +82-2-598-3034

Please modify the country, address and phone number at the personal information section for the accurate information.

6. After you have wired the 20k won (approx USD$18) plus whatever transfer fees your bank requires, please log in and go to the forum by clicking on Fanclub. Then click on the thread called: 2nd Cri J Foreign members.

7. Scroll to the bottom of the thread and either cut & paste or type into the comment box, the following information:

Application form: ID/ legal name/ cellular phone number/ e-mail/ country/ deposit date
For example: lizzyd/Lizzy Darcy/123-456-7890/

MAKE SURE YOU CHECK OFF THE BOX “SECRET”, otherwise your information will be visible to everyone. Click on comment or press enter to submit. You should see your post show up on the screen.

Congrats!! You’re now an official member of JKS’s fan club.

* Note: From what I’ve read, the company does not email you confirmation when you register or join the official fan club. Keep checking back and clicking on restricted areas to test whether your registration has been processed. There will be a lag time, so please be patient!!

** Note: You may reproduce this post in its entirety elsewhere online, but do NOT amend or modify any part of it. In your re-post, you must provide a LINK back to this post. Neither the author of the guide nor Jang Keun Suk Forever is responsible or liable if parts of this guide have been posted elsewhere in a modified and/or inaccurate form.

*** Note: Please exercise all care and caution in the transfer of money to Tree-J by going to their official website and verifying that the account details are accurate before you do any transfer.

Disclaimer: The author is in no way affiliated with JKS or Tree J. This instruction guide is for the sole purpose of helping out foreign fans who are having trouble registering for JKS’s official website and/or official fanclub.

Credits to: LizzyD (author of instruction guide)

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  1. bonarski says:

    thanks so much for aLl the information…ReaLly a big help…..(“,)

  2. saybee says:

    hi, there’s no response on the website after i key in my id & password, anyone knws why?
    (the last time when i first registered myself, my internet line got interrupted, so i thought it doesn’t work, but when i tried to request for my password through email, apparently i received email from the to tell me of my id & password)

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  8. Lio says:

    Hey, i have many myanmar fris. you are what kind of myanmar girl i don’t understand. you shouldn’t be like this if u are real myanmar. really worse than korean and japanese girls. What a shame myanmar? He is just an actor, model and singer. How foolish myanmar?

  9. Lio says:

    as far as i know, myanmar grils do not used to tell a boy like pan moe. are your parents are real myanmar?

  10. Lio says:

    Bonjour JKS, Je viens votre site pour vous saluer. Je ne trove pas les mots pour vous parler maintenant. “Bon courage”. un des votre fans… by by

  11. adoracion del pilar says:

    i am from the philippines but it seems i can’t go to website itself. may i know what seems to be problem?

  12. When someone writes an article he/she retains the thought of a
    user in his/her brain that how a user can be aware of it.
    So that’s why this paragraph is perfect. Thanks!

  13. Chelle says:

    I put the link into my Internet Explorer browser and its not working. I don’t know if its the site or if my computer is just being a butt….

  14. ayisha issah says:

    I’m from ghana, why can’t i join your fan club

  15. ayisha issah says:

    I’m from ghana why can’t i join your fan club

  16. jangmae says:

    i love jang geun suk

  17. Dina El Hussein says:

    Dear Jan,
    Your voice like the sunshine**

    vous etes la lune de korea *

    you are my hero *


  18. anna says:

    saranghae oppa so……………………much.realy i love u

  19. Sylvia denedo says:

    Why must we pay to join oppa jang keun suk’s fanclub?

  20. saranghae oppa me i join??????

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  22. Noralyn Alibaser Ampaso Angni says:


  23. Noralyn Alibaser Ampaso Angni says:

    plzzzz u will be my friend

  24. Eszter Kiss says:

    out of curiosity: how active is the fansite now in 2017? is it worth registering now?

  25. April mich says:

    How about 2017 for joining fans club of JKS,
    Still be ok?

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