“Let me cry” – clear version

Credits: nuyou2001

I’m kind of a slow person when it comes to accepting or liking some songs. No problem with “Marry me Mary” OST – I love all four songs by Jang Keun Suk.

Here’s a snapshot of my thoughts process:

1st time listening: [playing it softly during lunchtime in office] I just heard a lot of loud noise…. Rock is not my preferred music …. Shucks, what is going to happen if I don’t like JKS’ song?! OMG…. @_@

2nd time: I still hear a lot of loud noise ….

3rd time: Thank heavens, finally I can pick out the melody …

4th time: mm, not bad

5th time onwards: Whew! I finally caught up with the melody

Conclusion: Ok, happy to say that I like “Let me cry”, though the song got me worried for a while… I still think the loud music covers JKS’ voice, I like songs where the singer’s voice is clearly heard, but then again, this is rock. Way to go, JKS! Look forward to his album!

As mentioned by iceprincess, I’m sure that JKS fans with the means will definitely support JKS’ original album.

p.s. This clear version is really late, reason being I’ve been unable to access my own blog since last night and still having problems with access (I knew I should have camped overnight in my office where the internet speed is faster = =). Anyway, I’m not MIA, so don’t worry …

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9 Responses to “Let me cry” – clear version

  1. Sweety says:

    Where were youuu lol?? Thanks for this I was waiting for a better version!!!
    (I’m thankfull to my insomnia it’s 5 am here lol)

    I still love it 😉 I like rock that’s probably why I knew I’d love it the first 10 seconds ^^; — I think even if I didn’t like it I’d support him anyway…

  2. migrap26 says:

    it’s good that you like it for listening so many times… me too, got to listen it for three times to appreciate it.. and its not bad.. love it now!!

    and the melody is playing in my mind everytime i think of him.. 😀

  3. MiiutaChan says:

    I’m already crazy about this song^_^
    oh my god…
    thank you very much!!!

  4. xxxholic says:

    i was in the same boat as you on my initial hearing of this song. wasn’t sure if i’d like it, even though i do enjoy rock music from time to time, i’m not a fan of japan’s music style. but of course, jks practically owns my heart, so i’ve come to like it when hearing this clearer version. 🙂 can’t wait for his album~~

  5. ice-yelo says:

    i would love anything about him! LOL in the beginning, i thought it has some resemblance with the starting melody of my bus. but its true, i like him better in a slower song. just hope I know what it means… 😀

  6. Magda says:

    I dare to say that I like more that part softer with a certain new rythm. See you…!

  7. karina says:

    I ‘ll love as long as it’s JKS voice….>< Aigoooooooo why I'm so crazy with him LOL

  8. Naalevaz says:

    La verdad es que me perdi estos días y cuando supe de que por fin sacaron al aire la canción de mi OPPA ya era tarde, por que ni en Youtube ni en otras paginas puedo escucharla por reclamos de auto. Si alguien la guardo please que me la pase. mi correo es NAALEVAZ@HOTMAIL.COM, mi Twitter en el que sigo noticias de mi oppa es @NAALEVAZ. Si alguien la tiene que me la pase por favor.

  9. nea says:

    hi aphrael, thank you for posting everything about JKS, i really2 appreciate it a lot.can’t say that i’m a truly eel, but i do fall in love with this guy badly 😀 anyway, i’ve try to listen the track “let me cry” but your links seems to be broken or something. can you tell me another link for the song. and also “bye bye bye” song, i’ve heard the song and it was nice, but i only got the radio version, which is too noisy. do you have another link for “bye bye bye” also ?? thx before

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