I miss “YAB” Video 1: Still As Ever Instrumental (A.N.JELL) MV

Credits: Maiv4Love

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10 Responses to I miss “YAB” Video 1: Still As Ever Instrumental (A.N.JELL) MV

  1. rongling68 says:

    Last night I also start watched YAB again, of cause not siting there comfortable, I has to ironing kids’ uniform, occusually sat down to enjoy JKS’ excellent acting skill. So I happyly enjoy his drama and ironing for 4 hrs.

  2. Sweety says:

    SIGH!!!!!! I miss this!! JGS please, hurry another drama!

    I know most people prefer JGS as MG because he’s so much more likable, but my fav is HTK! Such a hard character to play but he did it perfectly and PSH is so cute as a boy.

  3. sukkieholic says:

    second season of YAB please….

  4. migrap26 says:

    Yes JKS! another drama series for this year…
    I miss him too!

  5. mutia says:


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