Kiss Sukkie? Read on … :p

As shared by shizuka (from a show that I’ve not seen before), the interviewer asked Jang Keun Suk where he would like to be kissed most.

Please ensure you are above the legal age limit before clicking to find out what his answer is!

Credits: shizuka爱根硕 @ Sina


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10 Responses to Kiss Sukkie? Read on … :p

  1. Sweety says:

    That guy lol … such a tease!

  2. nita says:

    naughty guy 😀 😀

  3. pax says:

    dying of curiosity here! where to click to get the answer? and i don’t read chinese.

    i’m of legal age, so do tell!! 😀

  4. sukkieholic says:

    He would like to kiss on his neck….lol naughty but cute……..come to think of it???did somebody kiss him on his neck????

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