[Fan-made MV] Because you’re my woman

Credits: 木槿芽 @ Youku,
Made by Korean fan

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2 Responses to [Fan-made MV] Because you’re my woman

  1. Rongling68 says:


    I love the video, thank for sharing.

    Although I only knew JKS for 3 month, but I am proud of watching them all, I like all the character which JKS played, except “Itaewon Homicide”, which I only watch once, I really can’t bear to see him covering with blood, my sunshine boy. And for “Hwang Jin Yi” , I stop at EP10, becasue JKS has finished his character. In my eyes, Jang Keun Sun is No. 1 Actor in the world.

    I love his voice too, the first few round of watching “YAB”, I was listening Mandarin version, after I hear his voice in M3 in Korea version, I announced to my family, in future as long as JKS’ character, I will listen to his own voice, although I has to understand through subtitle. Therefore I watch “YAB” again in Korea. My kids said this is only DVD worth buying, becasue Mom watch too many times.

    I simply love him.

    • aphrael77 says:

      I cannot imagine YAB in Chinese – no one can replace his voice!

      According to what your kids said, every single JKS DVD is worth buying cos we watch them so many times! Haha!
      Thanks for giving us such a good reason to keep buying his stuff! 🙂

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