Wallpapers Freebie 7: Fantasy series

All credits: 張根碩原創部落@ Baidusukbar

This is what I call the fantasy series – not my favourite of the lot but perhaps it may appeal to some of you. Certainly visually different.

For more wallpapers,

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7 Responses to Wallpapers Freebie 7: Fantasy series

  1. Shailee Tobias says:

    nicely done! 😀

  2. jack says:

    Thank’s much for sharing……….jks is really an angel……….keep fighting…..

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  4. Onevisa says:

    Those are really really good job.
    Thanks for sharing. He look More handsome I think ^^

    • aphrael77 says:

      Really? I think the artist used a high-res pic and did a good Photoshop job.
      Maybe some are too “fantasy” for my taste … I prefer JKS looking like his normal real-life version.
      The Angel ones are quite nice though 🙂

  5. M3Lover says:

    On the 7th pic he look like Lee Hongki LOL! This pics are nicely done good theme he really is an angel…. 🙂

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