[Twitter] From JKS Japan official twitter

JKS: Now I’m back in Korea. Eels, how are you all? See you at next month’s event! I need to go on a diet again for my DVD and photograph book!

Credits: Suk Baidu Bar


“이제 한국으로 돌아갑니다..장어떼들 다들안녕 다음달 이벤트에서 만나요! 난 다시 돌아가서 다이어트 ㅠ 영상집과 사진집을 위하여!”

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6 Responses to [Twitter] From JKS Japan official twitter

  1. Sweety says:

    DIET??? Please nooo you’re perfect!! I think I read somewhere that he was watching his weight for “You’re my pet” (since he portrays a dancer) did I dream that? Also I find him so much more attractive with a little more meat on his bones see “the birthday hug”episode (as I call it lol) in YAB

    • allygirl says:

      thanks for the STAR PV translation..
      Yeah, I agree! He shouldn’t DIET so often..
      Suk already so thin..
      Someone please advise Suk!!

      • Sweety says:

        You’re welcome ^^

        Maybe we should start a petition! He’s so thin already!

      • allygirl says:

        wonder from where he will get energy if he is so thin..
        one eel told me that she scared Suk will disappeared if DIET so much!
        Yes, lets do petition at Cri-J!!

      • aphrael77 says:

        yup, he’s watching his weight for “You’re My Pet” …. but he’s watching his weight for basically every drama since no drama has ever requested for an overweight male lead before …. : D

        i think he was extremely and unhealthily thin during M3 filming, then when he went to Bangkok, i guess he ate so many sweets that he put on some weight and his cheeks filled out again….

        i think moderation is good. I’m a bit on the appearances side, so I think he looks good when he’s slim. In YAB, he looked ok too, not too skinny. I think he doesn’t look as good during his younger, chubbier days…

        but so long as he’s healthy, moderation is the best way ….

        by the way, i’m really curious as to what he eats when he diets. he can lose weight so easily!! i wanna eat what he eats too…haha!

      • aphrael77 says:


        Suk won’t disappear when he over-diets.
        i’m sure we can still see his skeleton and bones : p
        (naughty me, i know~)

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