Japan Fuji TV advertisement

Ccredits: namiii31

Brief Summary Translation

Hi, everyone! I am Jang Keun Suk. I have news to tell all of you, that is, I’m finally debutting as a singer. I was anxious and hesitant for a long time, but now I can present a fresh new side of me to fans. My new song “Let me cry” will be officially released on 23 March through Pony Canyon.

Text credits: KeunSukChina

[KSC]张根硕日本FUJITV宣传翻译(1):大家好.我是张根硕.我有个大新闻要告诉大家.那就是我终于要作为歌手出道了.我烦恼了很久,也很犹豫.但是能为粉丝们展示我全新的模样.新曲将要在pony CANYON3.23号正式发行.歌名叫《Let my cry》.

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3 Responses to Japan Fuji TV advertisement

  1. abic2011 says:

    Soo excited to buy your album:) love your voice and style!!!!!

  2. Sweety says:

    I’m buying it that’s 100% sure!!!

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