2011 Jang Keun Suk Asia Tour Schedule

UPDATE (18 Feb 2011)

Malaysia’s date in the Asia Tour, 4 June, is now tentative instead of confirmed.
Don’t book your airticket yet!

Credits: HS Media @ Sina

Every JKS fansite should be buzzing with the news already – the long-awaited dates are out!

23 April – Singapore
30 April – Hong Kong
28 May – Thailand
4 June – Malaysia
9 July – Shanghai
TBA – Taiwan

Although they mention the possibility of a change, later HS Media (JKS’ Asia agency) added a note to say that basically, JKS’ schedule is very tight and there is actually little possibility that the dates will change.

And the good thing is, the email address of HS Media is provided. So if you have any enquiries or suggestions for the FM programme or the fans interaction part of the show, you can email them.

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25 Responses to 2011 Jang Keun Suk Asia Tour Schedule

  1. sharonl lee says:

    thank you so much…i have been waiting for this 🙂

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  3. M3Lover says:

    Only 6 countries? 😦

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  5. abic2011 says:

    No philippines??? Waaahh! Pleeaassee!!! Come here!!!:(

  6. ncneo says:

    Damn! I was so happy when Malaysia make it to the list.

  7. lulu says:

    How About Indonesiaa ???? Sukiie Why not come to Indonesiaa …… we Are very … very sad … sad … saaaddd … saaaaaaaaadddd ……..

  8. vita catherine says:

    Yeah, why isn’t philippines included? Maybe after taiwan?…

  9. Sweety says:

    Congrats to the lucky people who will be able to see him!

  10. Felicia Wee says:

    hoping to hear more updates about his tour to Malaysia! can’t wait to see himmmmmmm!!!

  11. kath says:

    how about Philippines?

  12. kath says:

    hope that he come to visit Philippines soon….

  13. Joanne says:

    So happy and Very Excited For SUKKIE’s 2011 Asia Tour!!!!But i ReaLLy Hope he include’s the Phillippines….We ReaLly Love and Adore Him….So Good Looking aNd Very Very Talented Person….We ReaLly want to see him Perform here…So many Fans r waiting For him Here….So Pleeeaasssssssssssse…Kindly Visit the Phillippines….Thanks(“,)

  14. mian :) says:

    eeeiii.. ?? wae geugeos-i moglog-eeobsneun pillipin-inga? geugeos-eun neomu seulpeuda :(( i want ot see you oppa! >.<

  15. mary says:

    please come to philippines! I’M BEGGING YOU!!! OPPA!!! >.<
    Y.Y Putakhamnida!!~

  16. Karn says:

    Oppa, U should go to other continents such as Europe, America. I wait for u in UK and hope to see U here!!!!!! Luv U 😀

  17. Marhoney says:

    where i can buy the ticket for Malaysia Tour?

  18. Vy Le says:

    Uhh just a random question is he ever going to go to United States of America for like commerical shooting like kim Bum or just a vacation? and will he ever perform in Vietnam???

  19. katrina says:

    here come here in Philippines :(((

  20. Joy Oandasan says:

    Please come here in the Philippines we’ve all been waiting for you..
    We Love you sooooo much..
    Saranghae Oppa..

  21. ann says:

    please come here in the philippines… pleaseeeeee1!!!

  22. Sara says:

    Visit Philippines please!!

  23. plssssssss…………………oppppaaaaaaaa go in the PHILIPPINES plssssssssssssss


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