JKS tricked by KJW and MGY

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—- News article translation —-

Kim Jae Wook (KJW), who has participated in the filming of “Marry me Mary”, came to Japan for his fans meeting.

At his press conference held on 28 Jan 2011, KJW shared some behind-the-scenes stories during the drama filming.

KJW said, “Together with Moon Geun Young (MGY), we played a prank on Jang Keun Suk (JKS)”.

It turned out that KJW pretended to be angry with JKS for coming to work late and stormed off the set angrily. MGY pretended to cry and chased after KJW. When asked what happened after that, KJW replied with a cheeky expression, “You can ask JKS himself when he comes to Japan. Hahaha!”

—- END of article —-

Blogger’s note:
This news article was shared by a Sukbar eel who got it from KeunSukChina, who got it from somewhere else… … well, you got the picture, so I can’t vouch for its accuracy, unless you can read the supposed original Japanese text below.

Anyway, didn’t know KJW and MGY have such a playful side, and heard that it is not the first time that MGY has played pranks on her fellow actors.

We are all dying of curiosity to know what JKS’ reaction to the prank was. I hope the Japanese media remembers to ask JKS… ….








=========================再次声明! 全文转自 挚爱小帅-张根硕全球中文网 ===========================

NEWS ポストセブン 2月6日(日)10时5分配信

韩国の人気俳优、チャン・グンソク(23)とドラマ『メリーは外泊中』で共演したキム・ジェウク(27)がファンミーティング(『キム・ジェウクファンミーティングNEW YEAR with LIVE』)のため来日。




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10 Responses to JKS tricked by KJW and MGY

  1. Sweety says:

    Well it’s basically said what you translated 😉

    • aphrael77 says:

      gasp! You’re proficient in Japanese?

      • Sweety says:

        Lol I wouldn’t say proficient but I can speak/hold a conversation (well it’s been sometime so I might be rusty)read, write 🙂

      • aphrael77 says:

        Cool! I’m learning kindergarten Korean at the moment…. will take years at the rate I’m going, but somehow I think it’s easier than Japanese cos at least there’s a standard alphabet that’s directly related to pronunciation….

  2. jazzie says:

    Oooh Aphrael, I’m currently taking basic korean classes too! Maybe we can practice with one another next time 🙂 heh heh

    • aphrael77 says:

      Any time! But I’ll stop after basic, I just wanted to get the basics and pronunciation correct, then I can do self-study 🙂

      • Sweety says:

        Good luck you too, I also started Korean since november (I just bought a lessons book), well so far I can read and the only vocabulary I know is from dramas lol a lots of words are similar in japanese and korean but the language itself is completely different.

      • aphrael77 says:

        thanks, i need lots of luck and hard work!

  3. M3Lover says:

    Me too! Am curious to know what his reaction is?

  4. Magda says:

    Hope you’re doing well.As you already know I’ve started learning Korean too, started, stopped, started again and so on… The only sentence I’m able to make is “Keuneun namja imnida!” and in feminine, but it is to fit to JKS. A friend sent me the address of a site( chinese site) , that is from Hong Kong , to help me in understanding the rules of writing and the way in which the sentences are ordered(topic). It’s something’ wubisheng’.It’s useful especially for a non-asian like me (poor me!). Bye! See you!

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