[News] Female lead confirmed for “You’re My Pet”

I thought the female lead selection will only be announced at “You’re My Pet” press conference in Japan in early March, but according to news, Han Ye-seul will be the female lead.

I’ve not seen her act before, but she’s pretty and has won several awards, so she should be quite good. Anyway, I don’t really bother about who the female lead is, as I’ll only have eyes for one person 🙂

Seo Ji-seok is also confirmed for a role in the movie.

Source article in Korean
News and pics credits: Baidusukbar

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30 Responses to [News] Female lead confirmed for “You’re My Pet”

  1. jazzie says:

    Yay! Finally announced the lead…

  2. Sweety says:

    FInally! She’s very pretty! Can’t wait, hope she’s ready for it cause it ain’t an easy part!

  3. sukcriella says:

    so the leading man would be… Keun Suk? when they will start the shooting? and when we will expect the airing of this? sorry for so much question.. can’t help it when it comes to sukkie..♥ happy to know such news.. kamsahamnida for the post ❤

  4. yes! I agree any female lead star is ok, as long as jks is the the male lead star!!!!

  5. yanti says:

    oh, YAY, finally! thanks for the update! 🙂

  6. sankeneko says:

    I think she is 한예슬 / Han Ye Seul

  7. atusko adatchi says:

    agree! okay^^

  8. zweetrhea says:

    female lead is pretty havent seen her acting yet she seems pretty good…happy for her to be keunsuk…hehhhe..
    good luck to all of the staff in YOU’RE MY PET…especially the actors and actressess involve…
    sukkie oppa…:)

  9. LizzyD says:

    I’m not into movies at all so I probably won’t watch this. I just wanted to say that the girl is ok and nice to look at, but she’s not a particularly good actress and is actually not known for being a good actress… if that matters to anyone.

    • mysin says:

      Hi LizzyD…
      Kyaaa… good to hear U again…
      wait… this is a movie? I thought a series…
      wait, my mistake… the series is in Japan version, right? OK… sorry
      well, I guess we need to see it first to see if she’s a good one or not, aren’t we?

    • susansukkie says:

      LizzyD !!! you’re here wakakkakakak.

      well i watched the japan version, cant imagine this boy will hugs and kiss like in japan version, uuuhhhh

    • number1eels says:

      she is the one who played the bitchy heiress Anna in Couple of Trouble ryt?. since sumire chan has some villain characters, yet a loving person, i thought she will suit sumire chan well. and she has lived in america so her english must be good.

      • LizzyD says:

        Yes, I’m still alive! 😛

        Her English is flawless. I liked her in that series, I just don’t think she’s a particularly good actress. But then again, this role probably doesn’t require it. I want/NEED another series from JKS to get through the year.

  10. M3Lover says:

    I will reserved judgement until I watched the movie. Anyway, as long as JKS is in it I will definitely watch it.

  11. emy says:

    finally, when will the shooting start? is jgs going to star on another drama soon? can’t wait to see him on the screen again. he’s such a good actor and singer.

  12. nita says:

    it would be Lee Hyori hahaa just kidding :p it will be Reunion between JGS and Han Ye-seul after Nonstop 4 …yattaaaa

  13. Tam says:

    I was hoping the female lead will be Son Ye Jin (her acting skill is great)but it’s ok, as long as the male lead is Jang Keun Suk, I definitely will watch it.

  14. aeshu says:

    you’re very handsome.So,i like your moive.

  15. betsy says:

    I’m very excited of Jang Keun Seok’ s new project .I saw the dorama and I really liked! It was funny and the performance of Matsumoto Jun was very good . I don’t know anything about Han Ye-seul, but anyway I’ll definitely watch the movie! Thanks for the information !

  16. Mi Yoon says:

    I thought it was series, so I could see JKS in his more action and different character.
    But no matter what should keep supporting him wether it’s movie or series. JKS in it! 🙂

  17. ncneo says:

    The lead actress look too young for the role….so the storyline is gonna changed? Finally some news after almost a year…..I thought the project was dropped..

  18. Nita says:

    excuse me… i just read from one of fanpage in FB that female lead of You’re my Pet is KIM HA NEUL not HAN YE SEUL ? and it’s confirmed>>> what’s about this news ???

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