Rendition of “My Precious” at Yokohama FM (Nov 2010)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Credits: tee90mis @ Tudou

Actually, I’m quite worried that if Jang Keun Suk ever comes to visit my blog (of course I know it won’t happen, but I’m still worried), he may sue me for all sorts of copyright infringement… … His Yokohama fan-meeting “Where is Your Star” DVD will be released on 25 March 2011. It should be a Region 2 DVD. The online purchase website (below if you are interested) is partially in English but may be difficult to navigate, and I’m not able to provide any guide.

JKS sang 7 songs at the FM – Baidusukbar has posted a several-minutes segment of it in restricted access mode to their members for promotional purposes, and another post in sukbar has actually posted all 7 songs in full, claiming that they are taken from a Korean fan website. So then I decide to post just one song here (erm, can I say it’s for promotional purpose too?).

It is a difficult decision because all 7 songs were very nice. I choose “My Precious”. It is not the best-sung song of that FM; in fact, I think his voice did not ring true on a few notes. Not that I want to make excuses for him, but if you recall, the Yokohama FM (the last of his FMs in Nov 2010 if I’m not wrong) took place during his hectic drama filming and it was shortly after he had recovered from a cold after going to the hospital a few times in a week to get a drip. What I do like about his performance in this video is his interaction with fans, so hope you enjoy this video too, because it comes at my risk of being sued (… just joking : p )

You can purchase his DVD at Amazon Japan website

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9 Responses to Rendition of “My Precious” at Yokohama FM (Nov 2010)

  1. Shailee says:

    how can i download this one to my pc? please.. please.. please.. begging.. please!

    • aphrael77 says:

      hi shailee, we probably shouldn’t be circulating this video online.
      I don’t know whether I’d be able to help, but if you don’t mind, I’ll drop you a separate email on that.

  2. JL says:

    You may preorder from as well

  3. tee says:

    of course you did it for the promotion purpose ^^

  4. migrap26 says:

    it doesn’t matter if sometimes he’s off key.. hehe.. i still enjoy this vid.. yes you’re right what’s best in him is how he interacts and entertain his fans.. thanks for sharing again..

  5. Magda says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR ! with a lot of health, joy and achievements.
    Then I want to thank you for your care to keep us informed with what’s happening and what’s going to happen in JKS’s activity. Besides the song(which I’ve learned by heart, by the way!), yes, it was the interraction with the public, and ,if i’m allowed to say, the security which took care about him there. It was impressive for me, because, for instance, Nicholas Cage came to Romania to film and it was in a small place next to mine and there were not crowds of people to run into him, he could do his job in peace, he had dinner in the town with his family in the middle of people, he was greeted and said “Hello!” in a very civilized way and so on… WITHOUT ANDY BODY GUARDS! Just a man among others. AND THERE ARE LOTS OF GREAT WESTERN ACTORS WHO COME TO MY COUNTRY AS WE HAVE A GOOD CINEMA WORKERS AND GOOD ACTORS AS WELL, and they are … safe and sound!Different parts of the world! Don’t wipe me from your list ! I DO LOVE PEOPLE WITHOUT DIFFERENCE. Just observe any kind of manifestations of affection.Bye! Have a great celebration!

    • aphrael77 says:

      thanks for your new year greetings! Just had a very nice reunion dinner with my family 🙂

      and people in your country certainly respect all the actors and give them enough personal space… i suppose it’s because JKS has many fan-girls who are too passionate and enthusiastic, pros and cons, i guess. i haven’t started on memorizing JKS song lyrics though, been meaning to but there’s always lots of things to do, and sad to say that my memory is not as good as before ….

      anyway, think the Koreans are also celebrating their New Year, …. so things may be quiet for a couple of days ….

      • Magda says:

        I didn’t do it on purpose but I’ve repeated so many times, I order to exercise pronunciation that I finished learning it.

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