[29 Jan 2011] TBS online broadcast of Yokohama Fan-meeting

What an extremely busy blogging night!

Unfortunately, the online broadcast was a complete let-down. The website was totally inaccessible and I only know of one eel who managed to watch it online. Guess I won’t be trying to watch online broadcasts again. The lesson to learn is, it is still better to buy the original FM DVD to support our Keun-Suk oppa 🙂

So here are just some screen captures of the show for consolation.

Pic credits: shuoaiqiangwei @ baidusukbar

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4 Responses to [29 Jan 2011] TBS online broadcast of Yokohama Fan-meeting

  1. Aliwali says:

    Oh I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one..I’ve been sick with a bad cold this week and I live in the US, so I woke up early to get some Suk relief and could not 😦 I was soo frustrated..I tried for the entire 2 hours..Thank you for providing the information in the first place and keeping us all updated..

    • aphrael77 says:

      oh dear, sad to hear you’re not well. i’m also recovering from a long spate of flu and cough.
      so take your medicine on time & rest well!
      p.s. am afraid that sukkie doesn’t work very well as medicine 🙂

  2. Magda says:

    Thank you for your work.

  3. Ika Mei says:

    I am glad there is still a person who still want to make like that all 🙂 thank u so much 🙂

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