Buy JKS 1st album online by 27 Jan 2011 !!!

Now, a note of warning, I don’t know how reliable HMV Japan is.
Heard news that JKS’ limited edition album is sold out during the Japanese pre-order on 24 Jan, but it seems that we can still order JKS upcoming album on HMV Japan website. The deadline is 27 Jan 2011.

So if you are ordering online, please exercise your usual sense and caution. I am merely posting the news and am in no way responsible should there be problems with your online order.

Brief steps given below (I’m supposed to be working now!!):


1. Go to
You’ll see JKS album(s) on the right.

2. You need to register as a HMV member (it’s free) before you purchase. If not, during the purchase process, you will be asked to register.

3. Click “Add to Cart” to start the usual online purchase process.
As the website is in English, everything is self-explanatory.
Fill in your details and do note to state “Overseas” delivery in one of the options.

The rest is up to your common sense!

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14 Responses to Buy JKS 1st album online by 27 Jan 2011 !!!

  1. aphrael77 says:

    I ordered online at HMV Japan, and the order is pending confirmation 🙂 🙂
    Still happy though, that at least I got the chance to order 🙂

    those keen on buying may want to note the time difference.
    Japan is 1 day ahead of the West …..

  2. Sweety says:

    OMG lol but I bet they don’t deliver oversea… 😥

  3. allygirl says:

    I heard can order at Yesasia also..can anyone confirm it?

  4. JL says:

    Yes, they do. If you do a search on Jang Geun Suk & sort by Release Date, you’ll find it.

  5. staying up late says:

    Just made a purchase on the HMV japanese website, cost 2,272 yen incl delivery (est). Ordered the First Press Limited Edition which according to descriptions should include a making of DVD. The most unbelievable part is I can’t even watch the DVD at home because it is for Japan (region 2)! Ever indulgent hubby (LOVE HIM) said nevermind just buy it. Worst case scenario, will bring the DVD with me to Japan when I visit the country in April and watch it using the hotel dvd player. Hey, now that I think about it I should have just buy it whilst in Japan! Maybe will contact customer service now to see if I could arrange a self collection instead.

    As for the HMV site, it wasn’t difficult to navigate. I am not at all tech savy but still managed to register online (to get member’s price) and pay with relative ease, like any other website. I am a fan of Japan and have absolute faith in the Japanese way of doing things – ie trusting that everything will work like clockwork and be executed with precision. I also recieved confirmation of purchase from HMV via email.

    • aphrael77 says:

      Cool! I’m just worried that the limited edition will run out, so it’s still better to order it first.
      Now that you reminded me, I cannot watch region 2’s DVDs too! but i think i heard that there are DVD players (where something can be done to it) that can play all regions …. will have to ask tech-savvy people…

      • ChickenLittle says:

        I’ve also ordered the version with DVD without knowing that I can’t play it. You must update us once you find out the way to play it. Many thanks ^^

      • aphrael77 says:

        Sure, but it may take some time until I get around to trying to figure this out …

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