Section 1: How to Register for JKS’s Official Website [free]

Jang Keun Suk Official Fan Club Registration Instructions
A Guide by LizzyD

There are two options for JKS’s official site: restricted or full access. Restricted access is free and all you have to do is register for an ID and password on his official website. You will be granted access to certain parts of his website, such as the forum and notices sections. You will not be able to see or download things such as personal messages from JKS. Full access to the entire site requires you to become an official member of his fan club.

Section 1: How to Register for JKS’s Official Website

1. Go to:
Click on Join/Login. (NOTE: Site works only with Internet Explorer, NOT Mozilla Firefox.).

2. Click on Join.

3. Fill in the blanks to register. Only the red section is required.

4. The ID must be between 3-20 characters, numbers or letter only. Symbols are not allowed. You can click on ID Check to see if the ID is already taken. This pop up window means that the ID you chose is already taken. You can type in another ID into the blank space and click ID check again until you find an ID that is available.

5. Password needs to be 6-20 characters. Name needs to be 2-10 characters. Nickname needs to be 2-8 characters. You can use the check option function to see if the nickname you chose is available.

6. The box to the right of Email is for joining the mailing list. If you want to opt out, please uncheck that box. When you are finished filling in the blanks, click on Join, at the bottom.

That’s it for the site registration!! You should now be able to access the sections of the site that aren’t reserved for paying members. If you want full access, please join JKS’s official fanclub.

Disclaimer: The author is in no way affiliated with JKS or Tree J. This instruction guide is for the sole purpose of helping out foreign fans who are having trouble registering for JKS’s official website and/or official fanclub.

Credits to: LizzyD (author of instruction guide)

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24 Responses to Section 1: How to Register for JKS’s Official Website [free]

  1. Matsharlot says:

    Eu tento me registrar, mas quando clico em “join” ele não vai a diante. )’:

  2. Matsharlot says:

    … Agora eu consegui me registrar. *-*
    No entanto, como é que faz para poder ver as fotos? Tem que esperar algum email de confirmação do cadastro?

  3. jazzie says:

    I can’t seem to register at JKS’ official fan site… 😦 Filled in all the details as per the instruction above but somehow when I clicked ‘join’, there’s no reaction. Maybe the site can’t read Safari on macbook?

  4. Geraldine says:

    hey!thanks a lot for this guide…but i have a hard time to understand the page,,’cause IE has no page translator.hehe,,but thanks a lot again… ❤

  5. Fetri says:

    Just like “Jazzie”, there’s still no reaction from the site when I click ‘joint’.
    Is the site really working?
    What to do?’s so frustrating -.-‘

    • aphrael77 says:

      hi fetri,

      are you referring to Step 2 “Click on Join” and nothing happens?
      I tested it just now, and it works for me. I use Internet Explorer.
      Do you use other web browser?

  6. zine iyasin says:

    jgs is the star.and i am moon. (zine)

  7. zine iyasin says:

    I think of you.(jgs)

  8. aiza says:

    hello–please can u tell me the difference between ID, name n nickname. when u register u don’t have to give yr e mail address? tq very much for explaining step by step how to register because it is really difficult when u do not understd

    • aphrael77 says:

      ID is what you use to log in. Name is your real name. Nickname is what you wish to appear when posting on their website. All three can be same or different. I think the numbers on the right indicate the number of letters allowed for each field.

      • aiza says:

        Thank you for the explanation. I managed to register for the free official website and am trying to join the JKS official fanclub but cant find a way of transferring 20 000 korean won –i can only transfer if it is converted to US$–is this ok because the final amt that reaches korea might be more or less than 20 000 after conversion. (I m from malaysia). Thanks again

      • aphrael77 says:

        Hi aiza,

        I think it is VERY risky to send an amount that might turn out to be less than 20,000 won after conversion.
        They may not grant you membership when your fee paid is less than 20,000, and it will waste the original amount you sent over plus the bank fees on both sides.
        And because it is a small amount, I don’t think Tree-J can return you the money because bank fees will be more than the membership fee….

        I’m not certain what kind of service you’re using that limits you to transfer only US$.
        If you go to any bank, they usually have a telegraphic transfer service that allows you to pay to the receiver’s account ANY currency you specify, so you can indicate exactly 20,000 won.
        Please check with your bank first.

  9. mckee says:

    yes! thanks to this guide, now i already a member of JGS official website..
    i used opera to join before but i never only work with IE browser..

  10. Rongling68 says:

    I have registered as memeber, but how do we make payment to become official member? Is any place to pay by credit card?

    • aphrael77 says:

      Please refer to Section 2 post “How to Join JKS Official Fan Club”. Does it help?

      No credit card payment. You need to do bank transfer and have to pay bank fees in your country and their country.

  11. Rongling68 says:

    Yes, do help, thank you. I am too excited omitted the section2. Buy the way, do you have any experience wire the money from Singapore?

    • aphrael77 says:

      Yes I did. The Korean membership fee is only about SGD 23 or 24, but you have to pay the bank fees in Singapore and Korea, so that is another SGD 40+ or 50.
      in the end, the total paid is more than 3 times the membership fee …

  12. aiza says:

    thanks–it seems to be difficult in malaysia but I will keep trying

  13. rongling68 says:

    Skipped my lunch, go to Raffles for interview. Then standing in front of bank, how can I go back to office without making payment? Fill the Form, Queue and submit, I happily left, just a few step away was called back saying no KRW, only TT in USD or SGD, I am almost run out of time, taking back the form slowly walk towards MRT. Near the entry, can’t move, rather try one more bank. Just exit any escalator, I found myself at outside UOB, fill the form, queue and submit. Finally accept my form, just wait and hopefully I will be able to see the inside news soon.

    • aphrael77 says:

      I didn’t know that some banks limit to USD or SGD. I did my transfer through DBS bank and no problem at all. Any currency is acceptable.

      Haha, if your Raffles interview is successful, we’ll be working in the same area!

  14. alaine says:

    hi there… im alaine filipina and staying in dubai… i really want to join the fan club for jgs and i follow the instructions a couple of times but its not working with me… im using google chrome… pls help me…

  15. shana says:

    I would like to ask if I could access the gallery when I have registered for free?Or do I have to be an official member for me to access it?

    Thank you!:)

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