“Marry Me, Mary”: Missing Mary MV 瑪麗不見了 MV

Credits: Shychic94112

[edited comments]
Not that I’m in favour of MuGyul-Jung In shipping, and also allow me to clarify on behalf of the guys that they are not gay either.
Just that this MV is well edited and brings out another romantic plot that is different from the original drama. The song matches the MV too. Anyway, so long as it has Jang Keun Suk in it, I’m happy to watch.

覺﹐歌曲也配得好。只要是張根碩﹐我就喜歡啦~ 大家就多多包容吧~

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6 Responses to “Marry Me, Mary”: Missing Mary MV 瑪麗不見了 MV

  1. LizzyD says:

    I resent this MV…although if Mu Gyul’s going to cheat on Mary, might as well be this cutie. I noticed many a lingering longing look pass between these two during the show. hahaha Is MG the girl in this relationship? Also, the English title should be “Mary’s Missing”, rather than “Missing Mary”, no? Because they sure don’t look like they’re missing Mary at all…heehee

    • aphrael77 says:

      oh well, my language ability fails me at times …. LOL

      i’ve fallen in love with this MV. i watched it repeatedly on my mobile today!
      JKS is so sweet, and KJW is kind of sweet at times, so when the two comes together….. it doesn’t make me want to puke! haha! MG seems to be the “girl” but anyway, it doesn’t matter to me… can gaze at JKS for hours ….

      will see if i can find out later who’s the singer of the song….

      • LizzyD says:

        The bromance to end all bromances has to be Moony and Yummy!!! This one is 2nd best at most.

      • aphrael77 says:

        didn’t watch that (drama?) n dunno them. sounds like something to eat? XD

      • LizzyD says:

        Sungkyunkwan Scandal. They are definitely delicious enough to eat. I didn’t care much for the lead couple. I just watched Shimmering Skin and Pouty Lips prance around my tv screen. You should try it. 😛

  2. Rongling68 says:

    I always admire some Fan’s work, how can they so intelligent and creative? and what they did is purely out of love, just as you did, Aphrael.

    Some of JKS’ movie and Drama, I watched again and again, and only of him. So I has to keep on press fast moving or back moving. If I know how to edit it, I would edit one movie only of JKS.

    And this video is so nice, every second has JKS’ handsome face, very enjoyable. Thanks

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