[8 Jan 2011] TV Pool Interview

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Credits: Baidusukbar

Most of the interview is conducted in hopefully understandable English except for the Thai and Korean self-introductions.
Jang Keun Suk shares some of his plans for 2011, including a commercial in Korea, resuming his studies, travelling again to Japan (should be in Feb 2011) and China, and shooting his new movie. And also his Asia Tour in Thailand, possibly in April!!!


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8 Responses to [8 Jan 2011] TV Pool Interview

  1. Katty says:

    So cool…he is very hardworking :)))

  2. Janny C says:

    you want me to translate in Thai? if you do not mind. 🙂

  3. Janny C says:

    Yeah, Im in Bangkok, Thailand. as far as I know JKS is still here and will back to Korea tomorrow. I went to see him in OLE event but too late! the event was end up very very quick and JKS has gone back to the hotel! A bit up set. ;’-(

  4. Janny C says:

    Translated from the video, He said Sawasdee Krab Pum Chi JKS. This meant to “Hello, My name is JKS”. Another word is “Pum Rak Khun” meant “I love You”.
    He loves Som Tum (Papaya spicy salad) and Tum Yam Kung(Shimp Spicy soup). It seemed he likes spicy foods. ^^ I am glad he loves Thai foods. This year will be another busy year for him, lot of things need to be done.

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