10 Responses to [Fan Account] Meeting JKS on 2 Jan 2011 at Guangzhou Airport

  1. migrap26 says:

    thanks for the post.. love it..
    definitely im going to visit this site everyday to follow my brightest star JKS.. : )

  2. jnt1024 says:

    Thank you for the post! It made me smile =) Hearing about this wonderful fan account is a good start to my long and tiring day. I too, hope and pray that one day I will meet JKS in person…even just a glimpse like in this story would be enough to sustain me! LOL

  3. aphrael77 says:

    hi jnt, why a long n tiring day? i hope your day gets better!

    when i watch JKS videos on my mobile on the transit or subway or whatever you call it in your country, he always brings a smile to my face n i hope others don’t think me crazy!

    • migrap26 says:

      if you’re crazy doing that.. i think me too.. hehe 🙂 ‘coz i did it too.. just seeing him and hearing his songs and voice made my day complete.. 😉

  4. antonia says:

    hi! just discovered this blog… and love it (i love everything about our star :))
    lovely story, lucky girl!!!

  5. Janny C says:

    Hi, Thank for posting this. Im also a big fan of JKS for long then but just follow his news in the internet because no time to watch TV. I’ve been knowing him since he is normal star in Korea and don’t think he will be a super star as nowadays! He’s really awesome!.
    Anyway, My idea is just need you to reconsider to post every piece of all about JKS if all stories are TRUE as Im foreigner JKS’s FC. At least we will know what is going on with JKS both inside Korea and outside Korea. I love him actually. Hope you OK with this. 😉

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